Appel à communications : Les premiers imprimés français et la littérature de Bourgogne (1470-1550)

Lieu : Université du Littoral – Côte d’Opale, Dunkerque

Dates : 22 et 23 octobre 2015

Date limite de réponse à l’appel : 10 septembre 2014


Conçues dans une perspective interdisciplinaire, aux confins de la littérature, de la philologie et de l’histoire du livre, ces rencontres internationales se voudraient un espace de réflexion sur la place occupée par la littérature française de Bourgogne dans l’activité éditoriale des premiers imprimeurs (1470-1550). Elles viseront tout à la fois à appréhender le rôle joué par l’imprimerie dans le rayonnement de la vaste production littéraire élaborée sous l’impulsion des Grands Ducs de Bourgogne et à apprécier dans quelle mesure les libraires-éditeurs des grandes villes du Nord contribuèrent, au tournant du Moyen Âge et de la Renaissance, à la connaissance, à la diffusion et à la transmission de la culture française. Cette problématique, à laquelle aucun colloque scientifique n’a été consacré jusqu’à ce jour, devrait permettre de la sorte de mettre en lumière l’influence décisive que les pays du Nord exercèrent sur cette véritable révolution technologique et culturelle que constitue la naissance de l’imprimerie.

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3 PhD and 1 Postdoc positions : History of International Relations, université d’Utrecht

Lieu : Utrecht

Date limite de candidature : 5 septembre 2014


You will work within the project ‘Securing Europe, fighting its enemies. The making of a security culture in Europe and beyond, 1815-1914′. You will be based at Utrecht University and will be part of the department History and Art History. The project aims to trace the formation of a European security culture as the sum of mutually shared visions on ‘enemies of the states’, ‘vital interests’ and associated practices between 1815 and 1914. The research team will be comparing a series of different security regimes in which Europe engaged globally. Within the project, a PostDoc and three PhD positions will be available for the following projects:

  • The European fight against Piracy and Privateering;
  • The European Anti-Anarchist Campaign;
  • The European Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine & The European commission of the maritime Danube;
  • The European Commission on Syria and the supervision over the Mutasariffiat regime & The European intervention in the Boxer Rebellion in China.


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Contrat : Research Assistant in Early Modern French History, University of Cambridge

Lieu : University of Cambridge

Prise de fonction : 1er octobre 2014
Durée : 3 ans
Date limite de candidature : 1er septembre 2014


Applications are invited for a three-year Leverhulme Trust Research Associateship in Early Modern French History with an emphasis on the history of medicine, science and consumption. The post is available from 1 October 2014 until 30 September 2017. This is a post-doctoral position and it is expected that candidates will either have completed, or be about to complete, a PhD dissertation. Appointments will be made on the Research Assistant (grade 5) or Research Associate (grade 7) salary scales.

The post is part of a research project ‘Selling exotic plant products in Paris, 1670-1730’, funded by a Leverhulme Trust Research Project Grant. The successful applicant will work alongside the Principal Investigator, Dr Emma Spary, and a doctoral student to conduct research on the trade and consumption of exotic plant products in Paris and Versailles around 1700. The appointee will be resident in Paris for the purposes of carrying out archival research for 18 months of the project’s run time, and would be jointly responsible with the Principal Investigator for organising a workshop and preparing an edited volume based on the papers presented at it. For the remainder of the project he or she will be based in central Cambridge.


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Contrat : Junior Research Fellowships in Economic History, University of Cambridge

Lieu : Queens’ College, Cambridge

Prise de fonction : 1er octobre 2015
Durée : 3 ans
Date limite de candidature : 5 septembre 2014


The competition is open to eligible men and women engaged in research in either of the following subject areas: Economic History; or Modern and Medieval Languages.

The Junior Research Fellowships are early-career appointments open to graduates of any university who are well advanced in their doctoral research or who have recently completed it, and they may be stipendiary or non-stipendiary. The Fellowship is stipendiary in the case of those for whom it would be their first substantial salaried academic or research appointment.  Salary starts at £20,972 for a postdoctoral appointment (or £18,165 for a predoctoral appointment), together with benefits worth over £4,000 p.a. Candidates who have recently taken up, or are about to take up, a salaried postdoctoral research position within the University of Cambridge are eligible and welcome to apply for a non-stipendiary Junior Research Fellowship.


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Contrat : Research Associate, King’s College London

Lieu : Londres

Durée : 21 mois
Date limite de candidature : 21 août 2014


The successful candidate will be responsible, with ICSA’s Director, for the development of an online MA in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). In addition, they will publish scholarly articles on OSINT. They will also lead a small research team on open source non-proliferation issues.

Candidates must have an undergraduate, Master’s and PhD in history or international relations. In addition, they must have some knowledge of both quantitative and qualitative research methods and also of a foreign language. Some experience of teaching at a university would be advantageous. A keen interest in both international affairs and open source intelligence is expected.


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Poste : Lectureship in Medieval History, Keele University

Lieu : Keele University

Date limite de candidature : 17 août 2014


We are seeking to appoint a Lecturer with research and teaching interests in the history of England, Britain and/or Continental Europe in the earlier Middle Ages. The successful applicant must be able to contribute to the teaching of first, second, and third year undergraduate medieval history modules, including supervising final-year undergraduate dissertations in History. There will be opportunities to develop medieval topics for thematic modules, and there may also be opportunities to contribute to MA and MRes programmes in History.It is expected that you will commence in post from September 2014.

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Poste : Lectureship in Early Modern History, Keele University

Lieu : Keele University

Date limite de candidature : 17 août 2014


We are seeking to appoint a Lecturer with research and teaching interests in the early modern period (1500-1700), with particular expertise in the history of one or more of the following: England; Britain and Ireland; Continental Europe; or encounters between Europe (including Britain and Ireland) and the wider world. The lecturer’s expertise should increase and widen the current expertise in the School of Humanities. The successful applicant must be able to contribute to Keele’s submissions to future Research Excellence Framework exercises. The successful candidate will teach early modern topics to undergraduate and masters students, and will supervise research students.

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Post-doc : Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Helsinki

Lieu : University of Helsinki

Prise de fonction : 1er septembre 2015
Date limite de candidature : 3 septembre 2014


The Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies is an independent institute of the University of Helsinki. The purpose of the Collegium is to enhance scholarly excellence in the human and social sciences, to promote interaction between different fields of academic research and to further international cooperation.

The Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies invites applications for 8–12 Post-Doctoral Researchers for fixed terms ranging from one to three years, to begin on 1 September 2015. The director of the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies will determine the number and length of the appointments on the basis of the applicants’ research proposals and the financial situation of the Collegium.


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Poste : Professorship in History and Theory of Architecture and Urbanism, Université de Bâle

Lieu : université de Bâle
Prise de fonction : 1er août 2015
Date limite de candidature : 15 septembre 2014


We are seeking an innovative scholar and teacher with expertise in modernisms within a global context. We prefer candidates who work on design processes in architecture and urban planning from an aesthetic, social, political, epistemological as well as visual studies perspective. Specialization is open to any geographic area. A focus on Africa would be particularly welcome. Attention to the theoretical position of contemporary scholarship is expected.


A Ph.D. in architectural history or a neighboring discipline, significant publications, and teaching experience are required. Responsibilities will include teaching at all levels, research, advising, and administration. Rank and salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience.


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Contrat : Research Associate at The Woolf Institute, Cambridge

Lieu : Cambridge
Date limite de candidature : 5 Septembre 2014


The Woolf Institute, which specializes in the study of relations between Jews, Christians, and Muslims, is looking for a one-year research associate to work negotiable hours on several major research projects and public education projects.

The position can be for 3-4 days a week, depending on the candidate.

We are looking for a recent PhD with a background in relevant issues, namely community development, conflict resolution, and/or religion.


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