Appel à contributions : Fake Blues: Exposures of Forgeries and their Aftermaths

Lieu : Cambridge, Peterhouse (Royaume-Uni)

Dates : 24 avril 2020

Date limite de réponse : 15 janvier 2020

This workshop will investigate the unhappy state of mind of those people in history who have been taken in by fakes and forgeries, as well as the afterlives of forged texts. What effect did the exposure and revelation of their gullibility have on the reception of forgeries? The Donation of Constantine, for example, was defended by high-ranking members of the Catholic Church for another century after Lorenzo Valla’s astute criticism. The Reformation lent further urgency to these discussions, when polemicists on both sides of the confessional divide – Catholic and Protestant – often accepted or rejected the results of the humanists on the basis of religious and political expediency.

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