Appel à contribution : Erasure in Late Antiquity

Lieu : Leeds (Royaume-Uni)

Dates : 06-09 juillet 2020

Various forms of erasure have attracted significant interest in recent scholarship. Whether reassessments of damnatio memoriae, temple desecration and redecoration, or the deliberate denial of links to preceding movements during processes of cultural and religious change, these concerns are particularly relevant to the late antique world. Censorship, the manipulation and alteration of space, and concepts of absence in theology and philosophy are also closely connected to notions of erasure, as well as more sudden processes of replacement and change. Yet there have been few attempts to consider erasure as a more general phenomenon in late antiquity. What were the means by which inclusion and exclusion took place? Were there commonalities in erasing processes? How can scholars recover the traces of what has been erased, and how can the academic community identify and assess its own erasures?

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