Appel à contributions : Women and War: Power, Gender and Representation

Lieu : Lisbonne (Portugal)

Dates : 06-07 décembre 2019

Date limite de réponse à l’appel : 15 mai 2019

Throughout history, women have played important roles in wartime. Not only did women perform a variety of necessary gendered tasks, while accompanying armies, but they also fought, led armies, organized the defence of their territories, etc. Still, their actions tend to be overlooked due to male preponderance in the battle field. Following new research tendencies in both Military and Women’s History, the conference “Women and War: Power, Gender and Representation” will be held in Lisbon in November of 2019, and it aims to explore the various connections between women and war across a time-span that goes from Antiquity to the Early Modern Period.

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