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AAC: Globalising French Jewish Politics

Lieu : Budapest, Central European University
Date(s) : 2-3 juillet 2019
Date limite de réponse à l’appel : 15 mars 2019

This workshop revisits the history of French Jewish activism internationally from its origins in the nineteenth century until today. French Jewish internationalism has often been studied through the lens of a single organisation or in isolation from the broader European and international contexts, although it has historically been well integrated into transnational, trans-imperial, and global networks. The impact of such international ties and endeavours on metropolitan French Jewish politics deserves further attention. This workshop examines the history of French Jewish internationalism within the broader contexts of diaspora politics, Jewish and non-Jewish diplomacy and transnational mobility in order to investigate the transformation and legacy of political practices in the longue durée. By bringing together scholars working on transnational and comparative perspectives, we hope to complicate notions of Frenchness and French Jewish identity, as well as challenge French Jewish self-perceptions often inscribed in the archives we use and reproduced in traditional historiography.

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