Appel à contribution : Religious Landscapes in Mediterranean Europe (14th-19th centuries)

Lieu : Naples (Italie)

Dates : 1er-5 octobre 2018

Date limite de réponse à l’appel : 31 août 2018

The Landscape, understood as a space/fabric of communication, relationship and action, and as the constantly renewed materialization of historical processes resolved in its territorial organization, is inextricably linked to one’s own religious history. If, on the one hand, the natural environment attracts because of its position, configuration and history so as to introduce the choice of the place destined to become sacred, on the other, it is the environment itself to be marked and transformed by the religious presence, in a relationship that we could state as of mutual determination. Monasteries, convents, parish churches and votive shrines are some conspicuous elements of the religious and social landscape of Europe, tangible traces of the intangible circulation of ideas and people in the medieval and modern past.

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