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Appel à communication : Religion, Diplomacy and Peace

Lieu : Vatican
Date(s) : 12-14 juin 2018
Date limite de réponse à l’appel : 15 mars 2018


1918-2018: The Armistice of November 11, 1918 put an end to the First World War, and was a prelude to the ensuing Peace Treaty. As we approach its Centenary, a unique opportunity opens up for a historiographic study of the relationships among Religion, Diplomacy and Peace. Nowadays, diplomacy covers numerous domains, such as economy, culture, parliamentary relationships, etc., that have enriched it enormously, especially during the XX century. A special mention should be made to Religion, as it is undoubtedly one of the elements that has accompanied the last two millennia of the history of diplomacy. In fact, Religion has never ceased to codify and regulate international relationships. By contrast, the history of contemporary international relationships has marked an unequivocal setback of religious systems; in fact, many are the examples of discrediting, even disregard or exclusion of religion as builder of international relationships. The fall of the totalitarian regimes at the end of the XX century tore down all the dividing walls; however, only a few decades later, we are witnessing the construction of new walls. The history of diplomacy and religion brings with it the challenge to build bridges, to achieve just and lasting peace, by means of all the appropriate initiatives that can promote a harmonious coexistence among peoples in the full respect of cultural and religious diversities.


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