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Appel à participation : Medieval Women and the Arts

Lieu : Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelone (Espagne)

Date : 3-4 avril 2018

Date limite de réponse à l’appel : 26 février 2018

This is a call for papers for the interdisciplinary workshop «Medieval Women and the Arts. Literacy, Education, and Visual Culture». This event is conceived as a place of discussion and exchange for scholars, researchers, and postgraduate students who consecrate their work to the field of social, cultural, and intellectual history of women. In order to avoid the historio-graphic borders that scar different periods, the chronologic frame for this workshop will encompass from the Low Middle Ages (12-13th centuries) until the Renaissance and the Early Modernity (16th c.). The topic focuses on the cultural practices of production and reception within the feminine sphere: literacy, instruction, and visual culture. However, It should be stressed that, in this case, the concept of cultural practice goes beyond the customary meaning of these three notions. It will be rather considered as a vast variety of activities traditionally set aside from what have been granted as intellectual work. We are talking here about liturgical and paraliturgical habits, devotional practices, singing and music, image, contemplation, exercises linked to meditation, memory, or introspection, and also the assorted forms of teaching and learning.

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