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Contrat post-doctoral : Bordeaux, ERC project PATRIMONIVM

Date limite de candidature : 30 novembre 2017


The project PATRIMONIVM, funded by the ERC for the period 2017-2022 and hosted by the Bordeaux Montaigne University, recruits a postdoctoral fellow for 36 months, starting from 1st march 2018 (a different starting date can be negotiated).

As responsible for the sources concerning the Balkans and the Lower Danube region, you will work within a team consisting of the Principal Investigator and 9 other research fellows. You will be responsible for collecting and entering the sources in the digital Atlas patrimonii Caesaris; given the nature of the extant documentation, you will principally work on epigraphic material. You will also be responsible for the historical contextualization of the sources in relation to the private and/or public landownership and to the main economic activities of the region in order to assess the origin and the economic value of the properties. You are expected to actively take part to the scientific events of the project (workshops, conferences) and meet regularly with the PI and the rest of the team. Besides the work on the sources, you are invited to author the chapters about the Balkan provinces, Dacia and Moesia in the final volume about the history of the imperial properties in the Roman world.


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