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Appel à contribution – Readjusting the Middle Ages

Lieu : Utrecht

Date : 11 novembre 2016

Date limite de réponse à l’appel : 1er septembre 2016


Extrait : These are some of the considerations that inform the continuing readjustment of the study of the Middle Ages, and, as a result, of the Middle Ages themselves. What are the Middles Ages? When did they take place? Where did they take place? And: how do they relate to the periods that went before and followed? One thing is certain: the Middle Ages, no matter how we wish to define them, were no Dark Ages. At the Mediëvistendag of 11 November 2016, we will address some of these problems. During the morning’s general session, we will ask prominent medievalists to reflect on key issues in medieval developments and their continuation later on. During the afternoon’s sessions, we have a chance to hear about research currently carried out, which will in time help further adjustments of the Middle Ages. We will then move to Museum het Catharijneconvent for a lecture on St Martin and a visit to the exhibition ‘Heilige Schrift – Tanach – Bijbel – Koran’. The Mediëvistendag will end with a borrel.


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