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Appel à communication : Twin Cities in Past and Present

Lieu : Manchester Centre for Regional History
Date(s) : 26-27 juin 2015
Date limite de candidature : 12 décembre 2014


For the purpose of this conference, we are defining the term twin cities to embrace two sorts of relationship: either nearby urban entities that arise separately and then subsequently grow into each other; or nearby urban places which begin as single entities but are subsequently split into two by legal or other enactment, normally the imposition of an international (or occasionally federal state) border by international treaty. The first type is far more common than the second, though the treaties following the First and Second World wars in Europe for example, or those determining the US-Mexican border, produced twin cities in significant numbers. Twin cities are interesting for their own sake – there are around 90 popularly and/or legally so classified (ie 180 twinned urban places) across the world. They are also important because, in many respects, they anticipate and have even been superseded by relationships arising within and between entities in the now-ubiquitous conurbations (including tri-cities and quad-cities) of the present-day world.


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