Appel à contributions : History through the mirror: views and narratives on past

Lieux : Padoue, Venise (Italie) ou Zoom

Dates : 13-14 octobre 2021

Date limite de réponse à l’appel : 16 juillet 2021

In the current debate, the past is subject of multiple narratives and investigations, as evidenced by the emerging trends of modern public history. Historian clearly cannot consider himself the only custodian of the past. Far from being just an academical fetish/possession, past blossoms from and through society. History has always been perceived in its composite aspects, so that people investigated the past with a cross-cutting approach, through a wide range of literary and artistic expressions and material productions. Starting from the image of the mirror, both defined in its material and metaphorical dimension, this seminary aims to investigate the relationship that communities create with past, a relationship that is per sé redefined and redefinable and that involves individuals themselves and the whole community. These elements end up being actors and vehicles of signification of the historical matter.

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