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L’université de Trêves dispose d’un reliquat qui lui permet de financer des bourses doctorales ou post-doctorales en lien avec l’histoire de l’information, des idées politiques, de la connaissance ou sujets liés aux précédents (en histoire médiévale ou moderne).
Si vous êtes intéressé.e.s il faut s’adresser très rapidement à Damien Tricoire, professeur d’histoire moderne à l’Université de Trêves :

There are strict criteria, however:

–          The fellowship should be used as a kind of “Anschubfinanzierung”, that is it should help someone to develop a project with the aim to write a proposal for Trier (Drittmitteleinwerbung, DFG or else).

–          The fellow should be ready to start pretty soon. The money is only available until the end of the year.

A less strict criteria:

–          It would be good if the topic would be (loosely) connected with the research programme of the TriKo (that is the Trierer Kolleg für Mittelalter und Frühe Neuzeit): that is something about the history of information, of political ideas, of knowledge. But my impression is that the TriKo is not strict at all about that, and many topics can be related with that.

No knowledge of the German language is required, but the ability to write a proposal either in German or in English (the DFG and other funding institutions do not accept other languages).

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