Appel à contributions : Facciate Parlanti’, Opus Incertum, Issue 8

Date limite de réponse à l’appel : 30 juin 2021

Since antiquity buildings have carried inscriptions on their surface. In particular, the habit of decorating façades with epigraphs spread in early modern Europe in keeping with the all’antica revival. The 2022 issue of the journal Opvs Incertvm (Department of Architecture, University of Florence) aims to investigate the role of new and ancient inscriptions (i.e. spolia) in secular and religious architecture (ca. 15th-18th centuries) from an aesthetic, political, literary and artistic point of view. Whether they were realized, or only projected in drawings, the “facciate parlanti” engaged in a close dialogue with public spaces and their audience. While the inscriptions could be in different languages and media (carved on stone, graffite or painted), they always retained a particular relationship with the building itself. 

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