Appel à candidature : Aide à la mobilité de la jeune recherche 2018 GIS Institut du Genre

Date limite de dépôt des dossiers : 12 février 2018

Afin d’encourager la mobilité des jeunes chercheur-e-s à l’international, le GIS Institut du Genre lance une campagne de financement de missions de recherche à l’étranger qu’il s’agisse d’observations, d’entretiens, de dépouillement d’archives, de recherches en bibliothèque ou d’une collaboration avec des chercheur-e-s étrangers sur un projet commun. Cette aide concerne les jeunes docteur-e-s qui ne peuvent plus bénéficier de financements en provenance des Écoles doctorales de leur ancien établissement de rattachement, ainsi que les doctorant-e-s en complément des sommes allouées par leurs équipes et/ou leurs Écoles Doctorales de rattachement. Les candidat-e-s doivent relever d’une équipe partenaire du GIS (voir site).
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Appel à communication : « XVII Encuentro de Jóvenes Investigadores de Historia Antigua (UCM). VIII Edición Internacional » – Madrid (Espagne)

Lieu : Salón de Actos ; Aula de Grados. Facultad de Geografía e Historia. Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Madrid, Espagne)
Date: 09-10-11/05/2018
Date limite de réponse à l’appel: 15/02/2018

Organisateurs : María del Mar Rodríguez Alcocer ; Aida Fernández Prieto ; Marina Díaz Bourgeal ; David Serrano Ordozgoiti
Contact :
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Appel à communication: « 2nd Annual Symposium in Classical Reception I “Classical Reception and Gender” » – Patras (Grèce)

Lieu : Département de philologie, Université de Patras (Patras, Grèce)
Date: 17-18-19/03/2017
Date limite de réponse à l’appel: 15/02/2018

The Jocasta Postgraduate Symposium seeks to create a venue for Classical Reception in Greece, where international postgraduate students can engage into interdisciplinary dialogue and share research. It enables students to present their work in a friendly environment, develop presentation skills and get constructive feedback. This year we expand our scope intergenerationally so as to include beyond MA and PhD students and early career researchers who are kindly invited to present a 20 minute paper followed by 10 minutes discussion and US undergraduate students who are kindly invited to deliver transatlantically a 10-minute paper presentation followed by 5 minute discussion via our partners at the Department of Classics and World Religions at Ohio University*. This year’s theme is “Classical Reception and Gender”.

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Appel à communication : Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in Ancient History (AMPAH 2018) – Londres (Angleterre)

Lieu : Birbeck College, Université de Londres (Londres, Angleterre)
Date: 17/03/2018
Date limite de réponse à l’appel: 15/12/2017

The Department of Classics, History and Archaeology at Birkbeck College at University of London in partnership with the UCL department of History is pleased to be hosting the Annual Meeting of UK and Eire Postgraduates in Ancient History (AMPAH) in March 2018. The annual meeting will take place at the University of London on Saturday the 17th March, 2018.
AMPAH 2018 invites papers from postgraduate students of Ancient History, including the history and historiography of Classical Greece and Rome, the ancient Near East and Egypt, Late Antiquity and the Byzantine Empire, and of comparable periods of Asian, African, and Central-South American history. It has traditionally been an inclusive conference where postgraduates and staff in Ancient History network share ideas in an informal environment.

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Appel à candidature : « New Voices in Epigraphy » Graduate Conference – Oxford (Angleterre)

Lieu : Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies, Université d’Oxford (Oxford, Angleterre)
Date: 12-13/04/2018
Date limite de réponse à l’appel : 15/12/2017

The aim of this conference is to give graduate students a forum to discuss their epigraphic research, as well as to facilitate a conversation about the future of the field. As epigraphic studies, particularly Greek epigraphy, have been somewhat dominated by male scholars in the past, we intend to achieve fair gender representation in speakers (and, we hope, attendees), and to highlight the contribution of women epigraphists.

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Appel à candidature: « The Material Dimension of Religions: Transcultural Approaches to Epigraphical and Archaeological Sources from Antiquity to the Middle Age (International Spring School ) » – Göttingen (Allemagne)

Lieu : Université de Goettingen, (Göttingen, Allemagne)
Date: 05-06-07-08-09/03/2018
Date limite de réponse à l’appel : 24/11/2017

The Material Dimension of Religions Spring School is aimed at graduate students and intends to examine theories and methods of investigating religions through epigraphical and archaeological sources in a transcultural and transhistorical approach. The schedule includes seven workshops on Ancient Greece, Imperial Rome, Late Antique Judaism, Early Christianity, Classical Islam, Christian Middle Ages, and Jerusalem as a transcultural place, and four keynotes on Greek epigraphy and religion, religion in the public space, the materiality of texts, and the city of Jerusalem as an example of coexistence and interaction of the materialities of religions.

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Appel à communication : « Couple relationships in Antiquity: looking for real-life experiences » – Lausanne (Suisse)

Lieu : Université de Lausanne, Lausanne (Suisse)
Date: 08-09/11/2018
Date limite de réponse à l’appel: 22/01/2018

The topic of the conference is the quest for real-life experiences of ordinary couples in Greco-Roman
antiquity. The couples studied are heterosexual adults belonging to lower and middle classes as well
as to civic elites. Hellenistic queens and kings, Republican triumvirs, Roman emperors and members
of the imperial family will not be considered. The conference hopes to examine male-female
relationships in synchronic and diachronic ways, and seeks to glimpse the various ways the real-life
experiences of couples is expressed in literary, epigraphical, papyrological, and iconographical
sources from the 3rd century BC to the 4th century AD.

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Appel à communication : « Tokens, Value and Identity: Exploring Monetiform Objects in Antiquity and the Middle Ages » – Rome (Italie)

Lieu : British School at Rome (Rome, Italie)
Date : 18-19/10/2018
Date de réponse à l’appel : 16/03/2018

The Token Communities in the Ancient Mediterranean research project team at the University of Warwick invites submission of abstracts for the upcoming workshop ‘Tokens, Value and Identity’.
This two-day workshop at the British School at Rome aims to better define the multiple roles played by tokens in antiquity and the medieval period. More specifically, the workshop seeks to improve our understanding of the relationship between tokens, value and identity by highlighting the frequently unnoticed work performed by these everyday objects. The continued use of tokens in multiple societies across time (persisting even today in the digital age) suggests that the role played by these artefacts is fundamental to human society.

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